Who is Zach?


 My name's Zach​ and I'm passionate about what I do. I get excited about story and I'm fascinated by the language of camera movement and what kind of feelings an audience can get just from a certain camera angle or movement. I love drawing and want to incorporate that skill into my passion for camera through storyboarding, though 3D previsualization is the main way I have been able to explore my drive for camerawork.


EPIC Games


I'm currently a storyboard and previs artist at EPIC Games in Cary, NC.

I love the team I'm working with and how much EPIC allows me to venture into any projects I'm passionate about. I have mainly been working on trailers for Paragon and Fortnite, but I also have a big project on the way that I'm excited about. It's amazing to have a career just doing what I love.